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In July, our founder and chairman, John Scotti, sponsored the Canadian Stock/Super Stock Series within the PCRichard.com National Open Series. His passion for the world’s fastest motorsport inspired him to promote this high-caliber event. The series consisted of two races at each of the tracks, which took place over the same weekend. Points towards the Championship were awarded at the best 5 of 6 events at the Toronto Motorsports Park in Ontario, the Napierville Dragway in Quebec, and the Miramichi Dragway in New Brunswick.

As part of the NHRA Northeast Division 1 National Open Series, the NRHA visited the Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario. The racers at the Toronto Motorsports Park competed to earn points in the Canadian Stock/Super Stock Series Championship event. This event brought together some of the world’s greatest racers. Participants put their heart, soul, and bank account into these events; the revving of engines, combined with the unique scent of burning rubber and race fuel had adrenaline pumping, and motivated our contestants to give it their all.

Between 42-44 cars entered in the 2-category combo Stock/Superstock event at the Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario on the weekend of June 19/20th. Drew Buchner, in his SS/JA 1966 Chevy Nova Wagon took the victory against Victoria Smith, daughter of legendary chassis builder FJ Smith and inductee in the Canadian Drag Race Hall of the Fame, in her SS/GT/EA 2004 Pontiac Sunfire. On Day 2, Drew Buchner returned for another five rounds of competition with last year’s series champion, Louis Gilles (CAR). Buchner reigned victorious once again; he ran a 10.860 at 119.18 MPH against Gilles, who redlit with a foul of -003. Drew Buchner was proudly presented 2 Wally trophies, by event sponsor, John Scotti.

 Only 24-26 cars entered at Napierville Dragway; Kelly McKay, in his E/SS/A 1972 Dodge Demon (YEAR) won the first event against Wendell Howes (CAR) with a dial-in time of 10.82, a reaction time of .006, and an impressive run off 10.858. However, he lost the second event to Rene Gosselin in his 396 Chevelle, who conquered his late .083 reaction time with a .041. 28 cars ran on Friday and Saturday at Miramichi Dragway Park. The competition began with Jeremy Keans (CAR) and Mike Ingrim (CAR); although Ingrim had a near perfect light with a .001 reaction time, Keans conquered with a superior elapsed time. On Day 2, after 6 rounds of competition, Keans lost to Kelly McKay, with a reaction time of .059 vs .027. All the competitors put in a tremendous effort, which made for a heated series of races throughout Canada. The final race of the Championship concluded at the traditional Miramichi, New Brunswick location. This year’s winner, Kelly McKay, hailed from Atlantic Canada. As part of the sponsorship, John Scotti Automotive Group agreed to present several prizes to the winners. This included year-end bonuses to the top 3 point-earners in the series, as well as a Championship jacket and “Wally,” a trophy given to winners of NHRA national events since 1969. This trophy is named after the NHRA founder, Wally Park, and carries great significance to the sport of drag racing.