New Lotus Models

Nouveau modeles lotus


It has been over a decade since the release of an all-new Lotus. Car enthusiasts have been patiently awaiting the arrival of two models: the Emira and the Eletre. The company has strayed from their usual marketing strategy, begging the question: are these vehicles worthy of the Lotus DNA? From a never-before-seen high performance electric SUV, to a final gasoline-powered sportscar, Lotus is shaking up the market.

Lotus Emira

The Emira is Lotus’ first sportscar since the Evora in 2009 and is making an entrance as their last vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Before moving towards an all-electric future, Lotus delivers an exotic supercar with everyday practicality, enhanced comfort, useful tech, and peak driving dynamics. The Emira offers a choice of two engines: the much-loved 3.5 Litre Supercharged V6 – tuned by Lotus for maximum driver engagement – or an AMG-sourced 4-cylinder 2.0 litre unit. There are two suspension set-ups available on the Emira: Touring for softer road driving, and Sport for a track feel. The Emira has already began to capture the hearts of Lotus lovers worldwide, with its versatility, modern curves, and sleek silhouette. At the heart of every Lotus is efficient aerodynamics; the Emira is no exception. Developed for peak performance, bonnet vents guide air over the body. The fluid surface language contrasts the Emira’s crisp lines. The cabin is hunkered down between the wheel arches, creating an atmosphere of both glamour and athleticism. First edition Emira’s will be furnished with forged 20-inch alloy wheels, with tyres unique to the model. With 395HP and a top speed of 180km/h, this sportscar builds on the legacy of past Lotus icons, while rocketing towards the future. 

Lotus Eletre

The Lotus Eletre marks the start of a new chapter in the brand’s history. It is Lotus’ first ever mass production EV and SUV. It is also the first car to be built by its parent company, Geely, located in Wuhan, China. This all-wheel-drive SUV has a dual-motor setup that provides at least 600HP, and a 600km range in a single charge. Lightness and aerodynamics are in the Lotus DNA; the Eletre’s porous design allows for optimal air flow using a series of vents and ducts. Lotus continues to fulfil its weight-saving philosophy with a split carbon-fibre rear wing as well as air outlets behind the front wheels. The split-level dashboard mimics the look of the spoiler and furthers the use porous design. The Eletre features pop-out door handles and hidden, deployable lidar sensors. In place of door mirrors, there are cameras connected to an internal screen. This E-segment SUV is spacious and accommodating, with 400 litres of trunk room, plus a front trunk for extra storage. The Eletre makes every day travel a memorable experience with three electronic panels: 2 “ribbons of technology” provide key information to both the driver and the passenger, a 15.1inch OLED retractable touchscreen is placed in the middle, and an integrated centre tablet for rear occupants provides entertainment and control of cabin elements like climate.

Famous for handling, performance, and driver involvement, will these new models live up to the Lotus standard? The Lotus Emira’s release date differs depending on the choice of engine and the region. However, John Scotti Automotive Group is anticipating a Fall 2022 delivery for the first Edition Emira. Which release are you most excited for: the Lotus Emira or the Lotus Eletre?