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Luxury Car Financing

The John Scotti Automotive group has been offering car financing services through its several dealerships in the greater Montreal region for many years. The luxury car financing specialists at John Scotti Luxury Prestige stand above the rest thanks to our high level of professionalism and our vast experience in providing worry-free car credit and alternative financing.

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Quick Approval

We can get you approved in just 20 minutes for the purchase of a used vehicle. We treat every request with care, because it is important for us to fully understand your needs and so that you are sure to get car financing suited to your individual situation.

Take note as well that we fully respect the confidentiality of your personal information at each step in the process.

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2nd chance credit

If you have experienced credit problems in the past, or if you’re not sure of getting approved for regular financing, we have experienced, on-site credit specialists who can guide you in obtaining alternative credit or 2nd chance credit. We can help you acquire the luxury pre-owned vehicle you want at a great rate and with manageable terms. Let us help you restore your credit.

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Lease a luxury car from John Scotti Luxury Prestige today! We aim to provide you with great flexibility when leasing a luxury car or SUV so that you benefit from a lease that meets your needs, your budget and your expectations. The remarkable Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or other luxury brand of your dreams is within easy reach at John Scotti Luxury Prestige!